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Air Ducts

The air ducts include the “supply” ducts that carry air from the furnace/air conditioner to the rooms and the “return” ducts that draw air from those rooms back to the furnace or air conditioner. Whether the ductwork is steel sheet metal or ribbed polyester or foils flexible ducts, there are elbows and joints and hundreds of nooks and crannies where contaminants can accumulate.

HVAC systems always have filters. Changing those filters regularly is very important. However, no filter can catch all the contaminants that float in the air. Some inevitably slip through to be caught in the ductwork or to reach the air in the rooms.

Dirty air ducts are a problem for two reasons:

  • Air ducts with accumulated contaminants restrict the flow of air through them. Thus, the blower has to work harder (longer) to push enough warm or cool air to where it is needed. Some of these even accumulate on the blower, further degrading its efficient operation. This means higher utility bills and an HVAC system that wears out sooner than it should – all unneeded expenses.
  • Accumulated contaminants escape into the air and flow into the rooms of the home or business, creating an unhealthy environment for anyone who breathes that air, but especially those with allergies or weakened immune systems.

Benefits of Air Ducts Cleaning Services :

Every home and business have an HVAC – Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning  Services– system to keep things warm in winter and cool in summer. Critical to this  HVAC system is the air ducts that circulate air throughout every room. Keeping  air ducts cleaning services ensures the air in your home or business is cleaner and healthier.

To avoid these problems, have our experts for  air ducts cleaning services regularly, every two years at a minimum.