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Dryer Vents 

Clothes dryers generate a lot of lint. Much of that lint is caught by the dryer’s lint trap, but some get through to the vent pipe where it builds up and is heated by the warm, moist air the dryer produces drying the clothes. Such build-up creates a place for mold and bacteria to grow and even for a fire to start.

A technician of ours will ensure the vent pipe is clean and in good condition, making your home safer and healthier.

When a situation demands the help of someone who can do dryer vent cleaning, you can turn to Golden Gate Duct Cleaning for the support that you need. We employ EPA-certified professionals, and our team can handle both residential and commercial jobs. If you have a property in San Mateo County, we’d be glad to pay you a visit.

Capable Professionals

We make the effort to speedily complete every job that we set out to tackle. We’re a locally owned and operated firm, and the satisfaction of our clients matters to our staff. When you need high-quality work, we’ll be ready to help.

Dealing with dryer vent cleaning needs can be a surprisingly difficult challenge. If you want to know that your system’s issues are being handled by someone who’s knowledgeable and hardworking, Golden Gate Duct Cleaning is an excellent option. Place a call to our office in Hayward, CA, today and tell us what needs to be done.